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Are you moving to Ulricehamn from another country? Below we have selected some information that we hope can be useful to you.

General rules about moving to Sweden

As a EU citizen you have the right to live and work in Sweden if you are able to support yourself, either by work or by other independent means. As a EU citizen you must register your right of residence with the Swedish Migration Agency within three months of entering Sweden.

More detailed information on rules and how to register at Swedish Migration Board

The Swedish Population Register and Swedish ID number

If you move to Sweden and intend to live here for a year or more, in most cases you are required to register with the Swedish Population Register. The Register is managed by the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and once you have registered your right of residence with the Swedish Migration Board, you apply to your local Swedish Tax Office and will receive a Swedish ID number.

The ID number is a necessary part of daily life in Sweden and is used in all transactions with authorities, shops, estate agents etc.

More information on population registration at Swedish Tax Agency


The Västra Götaland Region is responsibility for healthcare in our area. It is one of Sweden’s largest employers, employing around 44 500 people in the healthcare sector. All people in Sweden’s has equal access to health care services.

Health care system government-funded and decentralizes

The Swedish healthcare system is government-funded and heavily decentralized. In Ulricehamn we have a community health care center (Närhälsan) and a public dental care centre. Södra Älvsborg Hospital (SÄS), located in Borås (about 35 kilometres west of Ulricehamn) is one of four hospital within the region of Västra Götaland. The hospital provide care services for the residents of Ulricehamn and several other municipalities.

More information about the swedish health care system at Västra Götaland Region

Social insurance system in Sweden

Social insurance is an important part of the Swedish social security system. To be covered by or be eligible for a social insurance benefit, you must, as a rule, either be resident in Sweden or work here.

Information about the Swedish social security system at Försäkringskassan

Working in Ulricehamn

Ulricehamn has a favorable geographical location with proximity to Borås, Jönköping and the Göteborg region. There are over 2 500 companies and the majority of them are closely held.

More information about how to find a job in Sweden at Swedish Employment Services

Region Västra Götaland and the Sjuhärad district

1, 5 million people from 130 nationalities live in Västra Götaland’s 49 municipalities representing 17 percent of the overall Swedish population. Geographically, Västra Götaland is one of the largest regions in Sweden with an area of 24 000 square kilometres. Göteborg is the largest city and the center of growth in the region.

The Sjuhärad district

The Sjuhärad district has 259 000 inhabitants and constitutes a vital part of the region of Västra Götaland. Its proximity to Göteborg and Landvetter International Airport gives the district a strategic strength. The Sjuhärad Association of Local Authorities consists of the municipalities of Bollebygd, Borås, Herrljunga, Mark, Svenljunga, Tranemo, Ulricehamn and Vårgårda.

What to do in Ulricehamn

Beautiful lakeside Ulricehamn – perfect for adventure and relaxation. Life here is as it should be: close to people and to places. It includes all types of accommodation, excellent restaurants and cafés, a wide variety of activities, events and heritage sites, beautiful country houses, affordable shopping and places to relax.

The best thing about Ulricehamn is that it is alive and varies with the seasons!

More information at West Sweden

Outdoor activities

Ulricehamn offers a great variety of outdoor activities during both summer and winter. Take a canoe-trip on one of the nearby rivers or on lake Åsunden, go cross-country or downhill skiing in the winter,  backpack along the hiking trails or go golfing on one of our two golf courses.

Sport plays an important role to many of our locals; football, ice hockey, gymnastics, badminton, mountainbiking, handball, orientation running, skiing, tennis, swimming and sailing are only some of the activities one can take part of here.

Many cultural activities for children and youths

Ulricehamn offers a wide range of cultural activities for all ages. Activities for children and youths are prioritized and all schools are offered free cultural arrangements at least twice a year. Ulricehamn has several libraries.

Wherever you live in the municipality you are never far away from a library. One cinema, showing both new films and art films is located in the beautiful building, Folkets hu, in Ulricehamn. This building also serves as a theater location.

Several art groups are active

Within the municipality several art groups, musicians and other artists are active. The music school offers the possibility to learn many instruments as well as singing and performing in a show.  The local museum in Ulricehamn offers different exhibitions.

Great shopping possibilities

Ulricehamn is part of the famous textile area and offers great shopping possibilities. The main shopping street in Ulricehamn, Storgatan, with its typical Swedish wooden houses offers a genuine and unique shopping experience.

In the village Gällstad, about 20 kilometres south of Ulricehamn, you will find great outlet stores for many brands which attracts tourists from all over Sweden and abroad.

School information

Ulricehamn offers a wide range of preschool and general school services of high standard loaced both in the town itself and in the surrounding villages.

You can study up to upper secondary school within the municipality.

Universities and colleges are found in several surrounding cities such as Borås, Jönköping and Göteborg.

To find out general information about the Swedish school system you can look at the home page of the Swedish National Agency for Education.

More information about the Swedish school system at Skolverket

Buying property in Ulricehamn

You can contact one of the real estate agents in Ulricehamn if you want to buy a apartment or a house.

Real estate agents

Starting your own business in Ulricehamn or in the Sjuhärad district

The Sjuhärad Region Association of Local Authorities along with Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA) provide tailor-made solutions free of charge for foreign enterprises who desire to establish or expand their business in our region.

The Sjuhärad Region Association and ISA support companies with information about land and premises, recruitment, contacts, networks, tax information and everything else needed for a successful investment. The Sjuhärad region consists of nine municipalities located in south west Sweden.

If you are interested in starting your own business in Ulricehamn or have any questions in regard to business development in Ulricehamn, Näringsliv Ulricehamn can help you.

More information about business development in Ulricehamn at Näringsliv Ulricehamn

Shore protection

Shore protection exists to assure access to our lakes and their surroundings for the general public and not just for those who own the land close to the lakes. It also protects plants and animals. Shore protection exists throughout Sweden.

The shore protection regulations in the Swedish Environmental Code, Section 7, sub-sections 13-18 h, reinforce the right of public access to shore locations. Everyone should have access to the shore, not just those who own land there. The right of public access and shoreline access for everyone is virtually unique to Sweden.

Building or making changes is generally forbidden where there is shore protection. In some cases, however, you could be granted dispensation from the shore protection regulations.

In effect, everything that privatizes land or water within a shore protection area or which changes the conditions for plants and animals is covered by the prohibition regulations in the Swedish Environmental Code.

The law also protects plants and animals. For many animals, shore areas are vitally important as a source of food and a place to rear their young. Many of our endangered species search for food along the shore. Natural shores also take up eutrophicating substances which would otherwise destroy rivers, lakes and oceans.

As a EU citizen you have the right to live and work in Sweden if you are able to support yourself, either by work or by other independent means. As a EU citizen you must register your right of residence with the Swedish Migration Agency within three months of entering Sweden.

More detailed information on rules and how to register at Swedish Migration Board

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